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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Am I missing NJIT or what?

The three weeks that I spent in NJIT were the most special memories in my life. They truly were. The best one, I say. Even though, I HATED to wake up early in the morning, get ready and sit in bus, it was worth it. Let's just say that it was a 3 week "Golden Time". Anyway,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Goodbye Friends!

Now that NJIT is over, what are some of your favorite memories? Hope to see you all next year!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trampoline Shoes

My heart was rapidly pounding from sprinting an entire mile through shallow, muddy puddles as I rushed home from school in the pouring rain. Entering through the door of my house and taking off my sneakers, I was stupefied by the malodorous stench of my feet and noticed that there was an extremely thin, red line around the ankle of my foot, due to the tightness of my shoes. The exterior of my sneakers was grimy, ripped, and shoddy; thus, it was obvious that I needed a new type of sneaker, one that would both prevent my feet from having a fetid smell and provide me with a stylish look. Similar to how I had felt on that previous rainy day, according
to the 2011 Nike shoe survey, 85% of all Americans stated that they disliked their sneakers, due to discomfort and unattractiveness. Therefore, the ordinary pair of sneakers should be redesigned to become Trampoline Shoes, in order to offer consumers greater comfort, present them with a fashionable look, and allow individuals to have a convenient space to store their personal items.
            With Trampoline Shoes, they provide human beings with more luxury than typical sneakers by preventing most consumers’ feet from having a foul stench and providing more protection. Unlike most brand sneakers, such as Nike and Reebok, each Trampoline Shoe consists of four individual springs that are connected to the sole of the footwear, which absorbs more impact as the wearer lands on the ground after taking a step. In a beneficial way, these precise metal coils allow individuals to run quicker and leap higher without having to exert as much effort as needed by average shoes. Additionally, the shoe liners of these particular sneakers possess extra padding, which offers more cushion. Furthermore, every Trampoline Shoe consists of two diminutive, removable, and battery-powered containers that are located inside the sneakers and spray odor eater chemicals every fifteen minutes, which counteracts the sweat and bacteria on a person’s feet, thus, eradicating foot odor.
            In addition, Trampoline Shoes present consumers with a trendy appearance through the use of unique items and varied options. Since there are springs and holographic images on the exterior of these precise sneakers, these particular objects cause Trampoline Shoes to stand out and seem distinctive, unusual, and exclusive. Furthermore, considering that the springs and holographic images on the sneakers come in numerous different colors and styles, this precise brand of shoes satisfies a wide range of consumers’ tastes in shoe design. Due to the detachability of the metal coils and holographic illustrations, wearers can also effortlessly replace any spring or holographic picture with another to fit any casual occasion, whether they are going out for a walk in the park or to the mall.
            Most importantly, these precise redesigned sneakers offer human beings a safe location to store ordinary objects without losing them. Since there are four diminutive containers or boxes at the insole and through the rubber padding at the sole of each of the shoes, it allows consumers to quickly put away small items, such as money, cosmetic materials, and pens, in a fastened box without having to carry extra bags, which are extremely heavy. Unlike a purse, due to the simplicity of the containers inside the sneakers, an individual can swiftly locate the item that he or she needs without having to ponder through reckless clutters of paper or smaller pockets. Thus, it saves time and money. Additionally, the storage departments within the Trampoline Shoes are extremely convenient for human beings to utilize, considering that individuals ordinarily wear sneakers whenever they walk outside of their home and may occasionally forget to bring their handbags.
            In summation, the typical pair of sneakers should obviously be revamped to become Trampoline Shoes. By switching to Trampoline Shoes, it will prevent consumers from having odorous feet, assist individuals in sprinting quicker, and supply human beings with a secure
place to store diminutive objects. Additionally, due to the numerous varieties of removable springs and holographic pictures, consumers have the chance to decide their own shoe design and appear stylish. Therefore, not only are Trampoline Shoes fashionable and comfortable, they provide individuals with a wide range of uses, so purchase your pair of Trampoline Shoes today at a mere price of only thirty five dollars at any local shopping center, and be one of the thousands of Americans, who are pleased with the use of their sneakers.   

The Wonder Box

   When I went to the store I saw a big pink box. I went over to the box and opened it, the box was full of makeup. I started to see that there were ways to improve the makeup box. I think the makeup box should be resesigned to automatically put make up on you, it should have wheels so the box could have mobility; and there should also be more space so you can store more makeup. My new product is called the Wonder Box™.

   Firstly, I think the Wonder Box™ should automatically put makeup on you. To me girls spend to much time in the bathroom putting makeup on. With my new product the Wonder Box™ it is easier to put on makeup. When you open the Wonder Box™ it scans your face, then 2 robots hands come out of the sides and puts the makeup for you. You should stand still though because you do want the makeup to be perfect.

   Secondly, the Wonder Box™ will be mobile because I know girls dont like carrying big bulky box around. This new feature will allow you to take the Wonder Box™ anywhere. You can also stand in a different room and call the Wonder Box™ and since it has wheels the box will come to you. This is another cool feature that comes with the wheels, when you call the Wonder box™ and it cames to you; it will scan you and if you are higher than the box the bottom will open up and a table will unfold so you dont have to bend down. I know that bending down and picking up a heavy object is a hassle.

   Thirldy, the Wonder Box™ now has more space. When I was at the store I saw that the space inside the makeup box was a taken by the makeup that can with the box. That means you can add any of the makeup that you buy. So that means you dont have to worry about running out of space. I should also mention that the Wonder Box™ has 15 other compartments, that you can use to store nailpolish or lipstick.

   In conclusion, the Wonder Box™ is an amazing invention. The new Wonder Box™ now has mobility. There is more room in the box so you can store more makeup. The Wonder Box is only $19.99 . My new invention also puts makeup on you automatically. Drop everything and run to the store before the Wonder Box™ is sold out.


The M3 can handle any weather.
One version of the new M3 (not including logo)
Many people walk around with hats, they're a common sight in our society, but this one is not like all of the others. The M3 is a new, redesigned hat that is just what you need to separate yourself from everyone else. While all of your fellow peers are storing their items in pockets and purses, you'll be storing them in the place that actually makes sense, your head. They'll be out of the way and very secure in one of the three waterproof pockets on the M3. The M3 also has hidden clips on the insides of the hat that clip to your head. They keep your hat in place while not changing the appearance of the hat, so you can still wear it on those oh-so-windy days. The M3 also has accessories for other weather conditions, such as extreme heat. It comes with a removable sponge layer that you soak with water and put on the inside of the hat. This way, your head stays cool while all of your friends are running for the AC. These are just three new features of the M3. You'll have to purchase this if you want to find out more, so get on the phone, dial 201-457-7824, put $14.99 in your pocket, and get the new M3 today!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looks can be Decieving

     The only thing Normal about these glasses are their looks. Glasses have always helped us to see  clearer, more precisely and better. As the future use of technology improves so does the classic design and defination of glasses. Well my next invention proves that glasses aren't classic anymore.Now glasses can do more they can give you advice, work like a camera phone and  like a computer.Plus you can download songs and movie to listen to or to watch when you are bored. These glasses also come with headphones that you  can plug in to listen to music, a mimin keyboard to type things in and sunglasses that can perform the same tasks.Who said glasses were out of style? Their just in, watch out 20/20 vision may be a thing of the past.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Exercise Buddy

There are many children and adults who are obese and are calling for help. It`s not that they are lazy or different, but need to be introduced to the Excise Buddy, a bracelet that tells a person to eat healthy, informs about the weight, and remind its owner to lose weight if he or she is obese. This bracelet has special features found in no other weight losing bracelet and it does not cause pain like excising would. Not to mention it can be wore anytime anywhere and it is made to help everyone. 
This is how my product appears to be.